Grunge revisited and Black Friday Damage

Grunge revisited and Black Friday Damage

On Friday, I took a trip to see Mark Jacob’s Redux Grunge Collection 1993- 2018 at his new pop up shop on Madison Avenue.

Unlike a typical pop up store, this one will be around for a longer duration than most, I believe about six months. The staff referred that it’s a temporary “residence” and not a pop-up. The store displays 26 looks form Marc Jacobs’s legendary Grunge Collection that he debuted for Perry Ellis in 1993. The placement of the mannequins and mirrors give the illusion that there are more than 26 looks to see. It gave me a museum in Soho vibes.

I was greeted by a young lady who looked like a model who wasn’t alive in the ‘90s. She was very sweet and handed me a “zine” that include photos of all the looks, quotes and suggested music that included Jane’s Addiction, Mudhoney, Smashing Pumpkins. to name a few

The space has three floors. The street level is where you can see the looks and watch 90’s grunge-related videos including Sonic Youth and Nirvana music videos, the lower level is for shoppable items including newly designed series of T-shirts and tote bags decorated with Robert Crumb characters including: Mr. Natural, Keep on Truckin’ and Squirrely the Squirrel. There are two huge sculptures of the last two characters that look on as you shop. Obviously there is plaid, slip dresses, and crochet items to peruse. If you need assistance, 20 somethings shop girls wearing Nirvana tees are standing by ready to help. The top level is where you’ll find Bookmarc (the downtown location is where the fashion world has their book signings), Marc Jacobs beauty ( I use a few of his products and LOVE every one of them), special items and The Smile Café. 

The store was still receiving merchandise (beauty and more items from their Dr. Martens collaboration), so I’ll have to take a trip back to see the new items and I’ll grab a cup of coffee while I’m at it.

Below are a few shots from my visit including the lower case alphabet necklaces (available in silver and gold), which are reasonably priced. Since you can’t get your hands on the Celine letter necklaces (See below), these would be great holiday gifts. I was bummed that my name began with a “l”, which was boring and had zero visual interest. I guess I could have bought an “s”.

The sold out Celine charm (photo: @ANDREAWR) , but you can find copies on Etsy here.

What I bought during black Friday:

Reversable shopper - so cute and larger than expected, It even fits my umbrella. It looks better on the black side, which bummed me out a bit.

Flowy skirt - sooooo good.

Faux leather leggings - These are amazing. Looks more like a cross between leggings and pants than true leggings. I took my regular skirt size b/c I’ve never bought pants from Zara.

Vintage PJs - These were new to my wardrobe. I fell in love and ordered another pair that was on a deeper sale. They are so comfortable but run long on me b/c I’m 5’2.

Striped turtleneck sweater - Still waiting to receive it.

Cest La Vie sweater - Wore it on Instagram. Fits tts.


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