February fashion

February fashion

I usually start a Zara list, let it grow and then I’ll go to the Zara near my friend Haley’s apartment because the one near me is horrible. She’s the only friend I’ll shop with. She’s fun, honest and patient. So, today was our monthly Zara trip. Here’s what I bought:

I bought these sandals because spring is 40 days away.

I love a floral dress, and Zara shirt dresses always work for me. This one has good buttons too. Some Zara items have terrible buttons, which shouldn’t stop you from making the purchase. Take it to your tailor and have him/her change them.

If you don’t like high wasted things, skip this skirt. It is really high, but I’m going to make it work it. It moves beautifully. I will be pairing it with combat boots and a chunky turtleneck sweater now. I may try to pair this with stripes if I feel wild. I’ll be wearing it with sandals (see above), a tee and an army jacket when it warms up.

They had really amazing bags at Zara. I didn’t buy any, but I was tempted. Here are my favorites:

wood bag - has a chain strap but I’d keep it hidden in the bag

bamboo handle bag - it has a removable chain strap that I would remove

natural shopper it has a detachable shoulder strap that I would detach.

two-toned-handbag - has a chain strap but I’d keep it hidden in the bag

Here are a few things that caught my eye this week:

This blouse is gorgeous.

These are a nice change from leopard print.

This is a great dress for work. It would also look cute with sneakers on the weekend.

This top is so pretty and has a ton of colors in it, so you can make many different of outfits. I would also look great with jeans..

This dress is a bit of a splurge, but it’s classic and gorgeous. It’s not too formal, so you can wear it to many different types of occasions and the cost per wear will turn out to be really low.

I saw this sweatshirt on another blog and felt I had to share. I just bought it because it’s on promo. It will look adorable with a striped tee underneath.

When I went to Soho yesterday, Haley and I went to a Doen sample sale. I bought this dress for $65 and it’s normally $248, so I’m pretty happy with my purchase. I can wear it now with boots and a long cardigan and as is in the spring.

Prints - plaid and tie-dye

Prints - plaid and tie-dye

This week's wish list

This week's wish list