Prints - plaid and tie-dye

Prints - plaid and tie-dye

Getting my hair colored always makes me happy, but there’s one problem, the location. No, it’s not too far. The problem is that it’s centrally located near some really good stores. I’m usually good and can avoid going in, but today was different. And, of course, it’s at a time when I can not afford to spend. My credit card needs to go on a diet because its heavier than normal, so I’m not sure why I ended up at Zara, visited H&M, and sauntered into Sephora “to get one thing,” which is impossible. Maybe it’s because I”m bored and spring is on the way? Anyone feel the same way?

I went into H&M, which is very rare but there was a blouse I saw on someone and l saved in my cart, so I decided to check it out in person. They didn’t have the blouse, so I should have left, but no, I couldn’t do that. This adorable plaid coat below stopped me in my tracks. It was love at first sight. There was one problem, I couldn’t reach it. I found a really nice sales lady who was about 5’8. This is a situation I find myself in at the supermarket too. I usually climb on the bottom shelf because who has time to wait for a tall person to come down your aisle? I think my mom secretly hopes I’ll marry one of the guys I ask for help. I tried on a few sizes and ended up with a size zero, so it obviously runs large. The light background and weight make it perfect for spring. Photo:

Here are a few other plaid coat options for spring:

The Zara near my beauty salon is awful, so I rarely go. I typically go to the Zara in Soho with one of my best friends Haley. In fact, I went with her last weekend and bought more than expected, which is why my funds are so low this month. I left a tie-dye sweatshirt behind because I questioned if I needed it (no) and was trying to be responsible and not to spend too much, it’s also not my typical style. This trip to Zara, I went to get one skirt and decided to try the sweatshirt on again to see if it brought me joy. It did.

According to fashion reporters and stylists, tie-dye is going to be a very big trend this spring and summer. Like neon, I think it’s a print that you either love or hate it. I think most people avoid it because it can be scary. I think it depends on the colors and the print of the tie-dye. If you’re scared, go with light pastels.

If you’re not sure how to wear it, the rest of your outfit should be plain so that the tie-dye is the hero piece and doesn’t clash for attention. If you must pair it with another print, go for slim stripes, small checks or tiny floral prints. Yes, most people would probably wear the print with something casual, but I’m really loving it paired with something more formal on the bottom like a midi skirt or suit style pants, as seen below.

I do like to pepper my wardrobe with a few trendy items each season, but I don’t want to pay a lot because I know it’s a trend, which is where Zara comes into the picture. I also don’t own a sweatshirt with a hood, which made this one very appealing. I also liked that it was navy and white, so it would work with jeans both white and blue. I’m wearing it as I type this, and It’s really cozy. You can see and link to it below. It will also be on my Instagram tomorrow or Monday.

Photo: Hand in Fire in Proenza Schouler

A subtle version that may appeal to folks that are a little hesitant to try the print. Photo: Collage Vintage

This is also a great version for people who aren’t tie-dye lovers. I happen to love this outfit. Photo: Pinterest

tie-dye sweatshirt. I love it with unexpected bottoms that are a bit more formal. I have always loved the juxtaposition of formal and casual and hard and soft.

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