What I bought recently

What I bought recently

Here are some of the purchases I made recently:

Polka dots are all over the place, so when I saw these Polka dot slides I knew I had to grab them.  They are great if you don't like to buy clothes with a print.  You can always incorporate prints in small doses with accessories. I also purchased these slingbacks that will be comfortable commuting shoes because of the heel height now that I don't have to wear boots (I hope!)  As with all my shoes, I will weather protect them with my Kiwi Protect All spray that I bought on Amazon.

I've been lusting after these big beauties and I finally pulled the trigger.

Lately, I've been buying white blouses like this one below. I typically shy away from them because I tend to get things dirty before I even leave the house, but I'm going a little crazy and taking the risk. 

From left to right: 

These wideleg crop pants have elastic just in the back and a great drape.  Chic and comfortable that's a win-win in my book. I took my regular size.  

These camo toothpick pants scared me when I first saw them online. I typically stay away from the toothpick style at J Crew because the name alone scares me.  I don't have a toothpick figure, but I read the reviews and women with all body types liked them and they were right.  They are thick but not too tight in my regular size and very comfortable.

I typically dislike chinos, but I decided to give these high-rise slim chino pants a try because of the color, the word "slim" in the description, and how old-school J Crew and preppy they were. I sized down and they are so comfortable and I like the preppy vibe. The color is alled Honey Brown and it's the perfect name. 

Speaking of old-school J Crew, I bought the 1988 Rollneck in khaki, and I love it just as much as I love the first one that I still have from college. I love a chunky sweater in the winter and this is the spring version. I sized down. 

I have a thing for stripes and I especially love a bold stripe,  I thought this  Bold striped tunic would look great with white jeans and I loved the deep v neckline. The regular size sold out so, I ordered a petite and it works. 

I love the color and the print of this ratti print popover.  I think it will look great with light blue and white denim.  It pairs nucely with a handful of my colorful spring shoes just as easily as my neutral options. 

The H&M balloon sleeve top sold out probably because it was on promo for $15 and written up on numerous blogs. However, the midi skirt is available. I loved the sleeves and the delicate buttons on the blouse and the shape and ease of the skirt. The skirt will work with blouses, tanks or a graphic tees. I like how they styled it below.

I've had my Apple 6 Plus for two years, and I finally reached my eligible upgrade date this week. So, I bought the 8 Plus in silver, which is actually white.  It comes in Space Gray (black), Silver (white), and Gold (a peachy/nude pink).  It's huge and heavy, but the camera, as well as other improvements, are supposedly great, so it's now mine. 

I was anxious because the last time I upgraded I was at Verizon for at least an hour waiting for my apps etc to transfer, but not this time.  I think the new processor on the phone makes the process much faster.  I was finished in 20 minutes!  I was also scared that I would have to input all my passwords to access my apps (yes, I should have put all of them in my phone, but of course, I never got around to it), which I seemed to recall was a nightmare last time around.  Again, no problem.  I didn't have to input anything besides my Apple ID.  It was a stress-free experience.  

I also bought a Morphie in metallic pink (see photo), which is a power station on the go.  I can charge my personal and work phone because it has dual USB charging ports.  It can recharge a smartphone up to two times on the go!!! Isn't that awesome? Now I don't have to find an outlet to charge my phone, which isn't always easy.

As always, happy to answer any questions.



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Getting ready for warmer weather - more of my recent buys

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