Getting ready for warmer weather - more of my recent buys

Getting ready for warmer weather - more of my recent buys


On Saturday I took a trip to Soho to visit The Apartment by The Line because Doen, a brand that I admire, was having a pop-up shop there.  I had been meaning to go anyway, so I was able to cross two things off my "things to do or see" list.  If you're unfamiliar, The Apartment by The Line is like being a voyeur into the life of the chicest person who has the best taste in beauty, fashion, home, beauty and art with the added benefit of being able to purchase everything you see.  All the carefully chosen items are artfully placed around an apartment on Greene Street in Soho.  Cool concept, no?  The photos of the venue look great on my phone but not so great when I transferred them here, so check them out on my Instagram, theedgyprep.

Back to Doen.  If you haven't heard of the brand, it was started by Santa Barbara natives Margaret and Katherine Kleveland in 2015.  They describe their brand as, "elevated yet wearable pieces for the everyday. Our line is inspired by vintage designs and our nostalgia for the California of past decades. More than an online boutique shopping experience, we believe in presenting the dôen lifestyle and products to our customers with compelling story-telling, idyllic imagery and content featuring the real women who wear our clothes. Available only at, we offer flattering, easy silhouettes in luxe fabrics at approachable prices - avoiding intermediary mark-ups and ensuring our customers the best possible value."  I would describe the brand as feminine, romantic, boho, and beachy.  What I love about the brand is that they offer their dresses in a variety of prints, so if you love a style but not the print, you're in luck.  

Unfortunately,  as stated above, they don't have a brick and mortar store, so when I heard they were going to have a pop-up, I knew I had to take a trip to Soho. I, as well along with a crowd of other ladies, was disappointed with the limited selection.  Today was the first day, so I feel sorry for anyone going to visit the rest of the week.  Not only did they have a very limited selection of dresses, but the sizes were limited as well.  I tried on three dresses and chose the Faye.  The deep v can be adjusted with the covered buttons that run down the front.  I don't have to have it tailored, which wasn't the case for the Aurora wrap dress, which was adorable but way too long. 

I needed new sneakers to exercise in pretty badly.  The side of one of them was ripped and I could feel the cushioning was shot, so I did some research and purchased Nike's Lunarsolo.  So far, so good.  They are on sale, very lightweight and sleek and stylish enough to wear them outside of the gym.  I always go up a half size in gym shoes and I'm glad I did because they run small. The material across the top of your foot has no holes for breathability, yet my feet were sweatier with my previous pair that had a mesh type fabric across the top. The sneaker has a smooth, stretchy feel and a neoprene look to the fabric. You don't feel the tongue at all, which always annoys me. I'd give them a 4 out of 5 only because I haven't had them for very long. If you want that just for running errands, I highly recommend them.  They are a good looking pair of sneakers. 

If you've been following me for a while, you may have noticed that I have a thing for statement earrings.  Since it's getting warmer, you'll see them coming on strong.  I try to buy them in solid colors that go with almost everything, and these Flower and bead chandelier earrings checked that box.  They come in a multicolor version too, but as I said, I typically stick to solids and I didn't think they weren't as sophisticated  in the multicolor version.

I bought this striped button shoulder turtleneck because I have it from last year in white and navy and I love it.  The blue and white stripe fabric that peeks out from the buttons at the shoulder when unbuttoned is the detail that what won me over.  I love a good detail that elevates an item.  I especially love a lining that only you know about, it gets me every time. It's a heavy cotton that is perfect for April and early May's weather and temperature.  It will be too hot to wear in the middle of the summer but may work on a breezy summer night. 

I'm a huge fan of shirtdresses because they look great on most body types and they are easy, so when I saw this tie-waist shirtdress in stripe I was sold. I read the reviews and they were right about the sizing.  I was glad I read them before purchasing and ordered a size up. It fits really well on top (fitted but not too tight) and isn't too overwhelming on the bottom for a short person like myself. It's really cute on, so just size up and you'll have a classic dress to wear all spring and summer. 

Yes, another shirtdress. See, I wasn't lying about being a big fan. This long-sleeve shirtdress had excellent reviews because It's not as fitted on top as the one above.  It's a blank canvas. You could literally wear it every day of the week and make it look different each day.  It's all about accessories with this one. It also comes in olive.

I love the ease and comfort of linen but it doesn't wear well. My navy blue linen blazer has seen better days.  The elbows have a shiny cast that indicates I have a habit of leaning on my desk.  I decided to replace it with a blazer in cotton and the Parke blazer in two-way stretch cotton is the perfect replacement.  It's a suiting blazer, which will elevate my  casual clothes when it gets warmer.  I like something more formal to balance out something a bit more causal.   

I feel like gingham is the official print for warmer weather.  It always comes back around every year, so it's a safe buy.  I'm always looking for a cute piece of gingham that's new to my wardrobe, so when I saw gingham ruffle wrap skirt I knew I didn't have a gingham skirt and decided to give it a try.  I'm keeping it because it's a throw on and go item.  I can throw on a white or black tee or button down and I'm done. 

It's hard to find a tee that's work appropriate, so I was thrilled to discover the 365 stretch tee.  The fabric makes this one office appropriate. It has a silky stretchy feel and runs small. I sized up one size as recommended by the online reviews.  I got it in black to wear with the gingham skirt pictured above as well as other skirts.  Now that I tried it, I will likely order the navy and wait for the white to come back in stock.  

Maybe it's because I bought the navy and red turtleneck above that drew me to these navy and red piped mules that are knockoffs of the real Belgian loafers that my mom once had.  This color combo isn't easily found on J. Crew's site. I found them hiding in the all-black version description.  They are available in calf hair and a black and white combo, which I can't seem to locate online anymore. They also come in a full loafer version too.  There's something so classic about these mules, and I'm a big believer in buying classics.  Maybe it's because I know a bit of the history of the real McCoy.  You can find more about their history here.

I love that these are described as "kind of like your grandma's house slippers, but way more chic (and party-appropriate!)."   The shoe is named the Blanche. Cute, J Crew.  Who doesn't love The Golden Girls?  They don't look like much online, but they look really cute on your foot and they have a little wedge, which a short person like me appreciates. I think they work best with a dress or cropped slim pants.  I tried them on with jeans and it wasn't my favorite look. They are available in bright yellow color too. I try not to wear high heels as it gets warmers, so these will be great when I need to make an outfit more formal or I want to balance out an outfit that's too casual for work. 

The only failure in my recent shopping experience was this pair of pants. The wide leg was too wide and there was too much material in the front where the pleats and pockets are placed, which was echoed by another reviewer online  Back they went. 

As always, happy to answer any questions.



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