Everything Everlane

Everything Everlane

I took a trip to Everlane because I needed to get a feel for their sizing. I was never sure what size to get when I was online, and the reviews are all over the map.


Go when the weather is good because you must wait online outside (they do give you water).

It’s crowded, so know what you want before you go and ask an associate where it is in store.

Immediately get an electric vibrator that indicates when a dressing room is ready. It’s about a 10-15 wait for a dressing room. Once you’re in the dressing room, the staff is very helpful when you need different sizes and colors.

They don’t carry all colors in store, so once you know what size you are, ask an associate for help. He/she will give you an ipad, so you can put the item in your cart for when you’re ready to check out. All items (those your are buying in store and ordering) will be combined into one order.

They do have a 1-hour styling sessions you can book online from 9 AM - 11 AM where you can get one-on-one help, which I highly recommend. The associates on the floor work in very short shifts.

What I bought:

Wide leg crop pant - in bone. It’s heavier weight cotton twill that can be worn all year. I took a size 4. I have a 2 at home but they give me a wedgie, so going up a size eliminated the issue.

Wide leg chino - sage a really pretty green, stone, light blue (didn’t have in store, so I had to order it), and washed black. It’s a lighter weight for warmer temps. I took my regular size 4.

Chore jacket - Blue and white. It looks really cute with wide leg pants if you don’t get it over-sized. I was able to wear an xs and a small. I liked the look of the small better.

Wish-listed items:

Kick crop in bone - they are sold out online in my size and many other sizes, so keep checking. i took a size 27. I have a few pairs of these at home. They are great for petites.

Day high heel - I went up half a size to an 8. I was debating between the tan and white.

Clean silk short -sleeve square shirt - french blue, which is a gorgeous hydrangea/periwinkle blue color. I didn’t try this one on.

What I tried but didn’t buy:

Soft cotton crew in bone - liked this but didn’t like it with the wide leg pants. You need a shorter more cropped style to work with the proportion of the wide leg pants. The Soft Cotton Square Crew would be a better choice. They didn’t have in store to try on but the associate suggested this style with the wide leg pants. I tried an xs and small and they both worked.

Straight leg crop in black and white - loved the button fly but these were nothing special. I can’t remember the size. I think they were a 2. I recall they ran big.

Let me know if you have questions.

Thanks for visiting.



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Spring has sprung

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