Fab fall finds this week

Fab fall finds this week

Have you seen this J. Crew Style Hack o the many ways to style a slip dress? Well, I have seen it and was influenced by it because this weekend I bought the blue and burgundy. This slip dress is consider one of the brand’s iconic items, which means it’s a classic that won’t be updated and doesn’t need to be based on the feedback and sales.

I am busty and need to wear a bra, so I never thought about buying it. In the last year or two I’ve been more drawn to dresses and skirts. A few months back I went to my nearest J. Crew and tried the burgundy version on because the ladies that work there asked me to give it a shot and knew I was looking for dresses. I always do try their suggestions because I’ve found some of my favorite items from taking a chance on something I personally would have never considered. I did like how it looked but I figured I would never wear it. Then the Style Hack popped into my world and that was it. It really is as versatile as it appears. I can wear a cashmere crew and make the dress appear as a skirt or wear a blazer over it to make it work appropriate. I can pair it with a long cardigan or a thin turtleneck or bodysuit underneath or even a tee. I like it with sneakers and boots too. See, so many options. It’s thick and luxurious and the straps are adjustable. It comes in three colors - oyster, burgundy and navy. I was able to take advantage of a promo and use my J. Crew card for an extra percentage off, so I recommend giving it a try.

While I was buying the slip dresses, I took a trip to the shoe area (not smart). As I mentioned above, there was a promo going on plus an extra percentage off if I used my J. Crew card, so I walked out of the store with these ballet flats that were a steal. I’m a huge fan of pink and I commute in flats, so buying them was a no brainer. I especially love pink with leopard print. How could I deny myself shoes that looked so great with the burgundy slip dress? LOL. Yes, that’s why I also left with these velvet heels that were also part of the sale. I’ll be honest, the reviews aren’t great for the heels, but I don’t mind that the heels are a dark forest green ( one reviewer thought the heel was black) and I didn’t find the toe box too small. I really believe you have to try shoes on and take the reviews with a grain of salt because everyone’s feet are drastically different. However, I did find that the straps could have used more holes, but not a deal breaker and easily fixed. Especially at the price i paid, which was really good.

Meanwhile, I had actually gone to the store to check out J. Crew’s collaboration with Demylee. Instead, I left with no Demylee, but with two dresses and two pairs of shoes. At least they were all on a deep discount.

Yes, I actually went to J. Crew to check out this sweater, which I didn’t purchase. Why? .It was itchy and very heavy. If you want a winter sweater and you don’t mind wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath, then go for it because it is a beautiful sweater. BTW, I sized down.

Have you heard about or seen the new Dyson Airwrap? This will be THE gift to get from Santa this year. There are already reviews on Sephora that you can read here. There are three kit options - one set for fine hair, one for frizz prone hair and the complete set for multiple hair types and styles, which is $50 more. Why would you pay so much? It’s multiple hair appliances in one and it doesn’t fry your hair. You can save time by drying and styling at the same time. Depending on the attachment you use, you can dry, smooth or curl your hair. This would really save space in my little bathroom.

I pasted videos from QVC and Rachel Talbott’s video because I think you get a good look at what the tool can do. It’s a bit too pricey for me right now, but I would be a good candidate because I lost a lot of hair due to frying it with an iron. I’m also horrible at using a curling iron an this looks pretty easy to use without burning myself, which I’ve done even with gloves. I have bought many types of irons until I realized the issue isn’t the irons, it’s me!

I think this is a great price for a leather pencil skirt. The color is also a great warm neutral that will go with everything.

Now that it’s sweater weather, you can indulge in this classic striped sweater with buttons that comes in four more solid colors. I’m also loving this raised jacquard sweater because of the color and the print. It’s available in one other color, if the mustard color isn’t for you.

You should check out Sezane's fall collection. I recently went to the story and I had to leave so many lovely things. Here are a few tops I loved:

Mariane blouse

Mariella blouse

Madeline blouse

Jules blouse

Pierro shirt

Effy shirt

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Prepping for the cold

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