Gifts for the ladies you love

Gifts for the ladies you love

Check out the slideshows to get some gifts or stocking stuffers for the fabulous women in your life. P.S. - It may be nice to pair some of these with donations to her favorite charity.



Under $25

  1. jade roller - for a face that feels good.

  2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray Trio - spray any facial ailments away.

  3. Stila kiss Me Stila Liquid Lip Set - one for the car, one for work and one for your bag.

  4. mug - A pretty way to enjoy a cup of Joe.

  5. Set of 6 bowls - Great price, so many uses, and I love the colors.

  6. monogrammed make up bag - Who doesn’t like a monogram?

  7. Mini emergency kit in velvet - I have one of these, and I love knowing I’m always prepared.

  8. tech emergency kit - You know this will come in handy for just about everyone.

  9. Gold hair tie - A pretty way to tie up a pony.


Gifts $25-$50

  1. Scarf - I love the bright pops of color for the winter weather.

  2. slim classic french terry crew - Perfect for the weekend warrior that wants cozy comfort

  3. moccasins - Your tootsies can keep warm around the house and you can wear these out to run a few errands.

  4. Vintage PJ pants - The perfect plaid PJs bottoms for the season.

  5. Pouch set - These are just plain pretty.


Gifts $50 - $100

  1. Bow-tie lantern earrings - So pretty for the holidays.

  2. Cotton pajamas set - I want these for myself.

  3. super soft turtleneck - I have this and love it. Runs one size large.

  4. personalized phone case - There are many options to get creative!

  5. Slip silk pillowcase- Available in 10 colors. This case helps prevent tangles and frizz in your hair and wrinkles on your face!

  6. Diptyque mini candle set - You can put one in every room. Baies is my favorite.

  7. Philosophy Amazing Grace Set - One of my favorite light fragrances.

  8. Gio graphy fun in the wild world of fashion - Written by Giovanna Battaglia this book offers a peek into the colorful and glamorous life of the Italian fashion editor and stylist.

  1. Dyson supersonic dryer - The Ferrari of dryers.

  2. Golden Goose - I have a pair I bought on sale and I love them. These are a classic color combo that you’ll wear for years.

  3. Net-a-Porter-25 days of beauty - A grown up of version of the Advent calendar you received when you were a kid. I’d rather have a new lipstick than chocolate now.

  4. Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum - The holy grail of serums. It’s not in my budget, so I know I would appreciate it getting it.

  5. Stella McCartney knickers of the week - These will help you to know what day it is.

  6. Demellier London the mini Venice - You CAN have a bit of Meghan Markle. Many different color combos are available.

  7. The Modern Long - My favorite stripe tee. Other styles and color combos available.

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