Crazy about The Crew

Crazy about The Crew

I’ve had an itch to shop for some transitional clothes because I never seem to have any and struggle every time this in between season rolls around. I decided to stop into J. Crew after picking up coffee at Nespresso. I wasn’t expecting much because I had looked online and I hadn’t seen anything that I loved. Boy was I wrong. Sometimes you have to see items in person and try them on for the clothes to capture your attention. I also didn’t hurt that they had a sale going on.


This shirt dress is available in yellow and black as well as the bright rose that I bought. I sized down and It’s slightly snug in the waist but looks better in the smaller size. It’s a great transitional dress that can be layered with a sweater and paired with boots. Yes, I could layer it with a long cardigan, but I really want to find a cropped sweater, which would look really cute with the fuller skirt.

The polka dot midi dress with pleated skirt wasn’t a dress I would have normally looked twice at; however, my favorite stylist said I should try it on, so I did and was really glad I listened to her as I always do. I’ve known her for ages and trust her. She has the best style ever. I always love the outfits she’s wearing when I walk in the store. She has the ability to pick things that don’t look like much on the hanger and you fall in love once you try them on. I really love this dress. It has a beautiful flow and nips in at the waist for a really flattering fit. It’s also available in pink and green (the solids are on promo). I took my normal size.


I haven’t bought pants in ages because I don’t like most pants on my body. Again, my stylist told me you need to try on these pants. I didn’t think they would work and I wasn’t sure they were my style. Yes, I love a printed pant, so maybe they are are my style. They are a lot of print, but they are a neutral and really go with just about every color. Once I tried them on, that was it. They are so comfortable. I took the larger of my two jeans sizes. I didn’t try the smaller size to know if they would have worked. I tried them on with a really cute short sleeve cream puffed sweater made by The Reeds that’s not online. You can see the outfit in my LIKETOKNOW it app.

Skirt and top

I thought this set was the perfect print and weight for transitional dressing. It’s on it’s way., so I'm not sure how it look. The set will look just as cute with flats, sneakers and heels as it would with boots. And, like the pants, the prints works with almost every color.


The easiest and typically less expensive way to transition your wardrobe between seasons is accessories. I was almost out of the store when I saw these slingbacks that were on promo. I think they look more expensive than their actual price. I bought my normal size.

My stylist was wearing the hoops and they looked great on her. They were $20, so they came home with me. They are big but thin and light, so they don’t feel too large.

If you caught a few of recent of my stories, you may have noticed my love of headbands. I saw this one when I was checking out and had to have it. The knot isn’t too big, which I have found with some of the turban/knot headbands.


While I didn’t get this slightly cropped sweater by The Reeds, I have it on my wish list. The sweater wasn’t part of the promo and I can’t wear it to work, so I didn’t get it but it was very cute. The colors are perfect for fall and you could wear it now at night.


This super soft sweatshirt comes in four other colors. I got the yellow but it’s so good, I may also get the navy. It’s not heavy and unlike most of J Crew’s sweatshirts, it’s perfectly slouchy in a small.

If you can’t wait until I post the outfits to Instagram, you can see my dressing room outfit try ons in the LIKETOKNOWIT app.

Thanks for visiting. I would love to know what you’re loving?


- Lacey

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