Sale Stuff

Sale Stuff

BaubleBar is having a sale ending on May 16.  You get 20% off 1 item with the code SUMMER20, 25% off 2 items with the code SUMMER25, and 30% off 3 items with the code SUMMER30.  I got these stunners pictured below. They come in white, black, red, gold and turquoise. I got them in white, but I probably should have gotten them in turquoise b/c I don't have any turquoise earrings and I love turquoise in the summer.

Mango is also having a 30 percent off everything for Mother's Day.  The code to use is Mday.  

I bought these cute yellow flats and this ruffled panel blouse

and this skirt

And this, the matching top.  I am obsessed with toile printed things, and it's not easy to find the print in apparel, so I had to have this set.

Here are a two items that I loved but didn't get (yet): checked dresslong printed skirt


How cute are these sandals? They look very similar to the $300  Carrie Forbes version pictured on the right.  I would have bought them, but I just ordered the ones below.

I just ordered these braided mules, which remind me of the Gucci raffia princetown mules (on the right) that I love.

I also really like these scalloped sandals. They are available in black too.

And, these star sandals are selling out quickly. They are very similar to Loeffler Randall sandals, at a much lower price point, found here and pictured in gold below.

In the last few weeks, I've gotten a few things from J Crew on sale, so I rounded them up. This flutter sleeve peasant top also comes in blue, but I chose white because the colors popped.  I took my usual size small.  It's ADORABLE! 


There's been a lot of controversy at J Crew lately.  I too was affected by the introduction of Mercantile after I had ordered two dresses thinking they were J Crew because they weren't originally labeled Mercantile.  Okay, I was peeved at first, but I got over it quickly because I have loved J Crew since I was in college, and I am hoping they find themselves.  They have had a ton of financial problems just like every retailer, and they seem to be trying to find their groove.  In my opinion, J Crew buyers see Mercantile as less than, so the brand is up against a lot. I admit I have a bad impression of Factory items, but I think there's a difference between Mercantile and Factory, right? I think Mercantile is the bridge between Factory and J Crew.  If you're new to J Crew, then the Mercantile label probably won't bother you.  If I sound confused it's because J Crew fans ARE very confused.  There hasn't been a solid explanation from the company, which was a bad move in my opinion.  Maybe there's no explanation because they want you to decide on your own and form your own opinion.  

I'm going to try to be open-minded. They are trying to please a younger crowd while keeping their more mature customers satisfied, which is not an easy feat. If you're a long time customer, I recommend you try Mercantile items and form your own opinion. As I've described here, some of the Mercantile items are great, some are okay, and some a total fail, which is exactly the same situation as I think we've all had with any brand. 

Here are the Mercantile items I purchased: the midi dress in superbloom print (top) and the midi dress in dragonfly print.  I would opt for the dragonfly over the superbloom print because it looks cute with or without a belt.  The arm holes are low on both (you can see it in one of the pictures), so I need a cami.  Again, these are cute but not amazing. Get these on sale or with a promo. 

Next up, the Mercantile mini dress in fresh daisies (top) in size small.  I'm 5'2 so it's not so mini but it is too short for work. It hits me above my knee.  I was hesitant to buy it, but again I got it on sale and I had a 15 percent promo card. I like to buy clothes I can wear at work and on the weekends.  It has a hook and eye at the chest, which I may change to a snap if I decide to keep it. My VPS, who has known me for a long time, assured me it looked good.  When I got to the register I was a still a bit unsure. The lady who was checking out ahead of me said she was older and taller and she had it and loved it.  She said she already wore it on a weekend and I would love it.  I think I need a little color on my legs. Now I don't know the lady in line who recommended it to me, but I do trust my VPS who is very honest.  She has told me many times to pass on items. In fact, today she told me to pass on the drapey tie front dress in blossom print ( not pictured) because it was too frumpy and the Point Sur embroidered flutter sleeve midi dress (not pictured) because I couldn't wear it to work and it just wasn't great looking on me. She was dead on. I felt the same way. I've always had jiggly thighs and I'm very pale so you can see my purple veins, so I think it makes me self-conscious when my hems start rising. 

On to the amazing mercantile easy wrap dress in seventies floral (bottom) in a size small. The fit is PERFECTION.  I highly recommend this dress.  It fits perfectly in the chest, which can be an issue for me.  Most wrap dresses either are too big in the chest or too low cut. This dress covers enough that its work appropriate.  Trust me and try it.  

I'd love to hear what you're loving lately. Thanks for reading! 


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