Weekend wishlist

Weekend wishlist

I think this boho number is adorable. It's a bit short, but then so am I!  It would probably hit me just a hair above the knee.  I'm a huge fan of all shades of blue when the weather warms up and this combines a few shades.

This is another boho item that caught my eye.  I could pair it with white or black pants or skirts or a pair of faded skinny jeans.  There are plenty of options to pair it with, but whatever bottoms you choose, keep them slim because this top has volumne.

I love this shade of blue.  How great would this look with white jeans or a white skirt? Yes, there are fewer options to pair it with than the top above, but I think I could wear this one to work and it's bit more feminine, which I like.

This dress would work for many occasions.   I would have to tie the arm ties into bows or shorter ties by knotting them again or I'd go nuts, but I love the small print and the color. 

I"m in love with these pants.  They are my top choice on my wish list. I have a Tide To Go pen in my bag already!

This top handle bag is perfect for the warmer weather.  I like how it has a bit of color unlike many woven or straw bags I've seen.

This top is speaking to me.  I have many blouses like it, but that probably won't stop me from buying it.  Yes, I admit I have a problem. Clearly, there's a trend here.  White tops and the color blue are staples for me when the weather heats up. 

This top is also on my wish list.  I love the color and obviously the embroidery at the neck elevates it from being just a simple sleeveless top. 

This dress is a classic.  There are no regrets if you purchase it because you can dress it up or down and change the accessories to make it look different with each wear.  I have shirt dresses, but none of them is navy.  It's not easy to find a navy shirt dress.  I see prints, stripes, and white.  Isn't that odd? To me, navy is equal to the color black in the summer. It's my go to color.

This pretty top will probably land in my closet too.  I am totally obsessed with embroidered white tops. White embroidered tops are my kryptonite.

Summer wardrobes aren't complete without pom poms, right? So, here is one for you.  Of course it's white! LOL.  At least I'm consistent. 

This dress is a bit expensive for Madewell.  It was designed by Innika Choo, so I guess it's considered designer, which adds to the price. It's embroidered with flowers and stars and has hand-smocked details on the shoulders, which also accounts for the high price tag.  The back is what got me. I love where the embroidery is placed.

I've tried to order this dress but it sold out a few times.  I've added my name to the notification list, so I'm crossing my fingers that it comes back in stock.  I love the color combination, which you don't see too often. 

I'm a big fan of the brand Ganni.  I just bought one of their wrap dresses from Net-a-Porter.  Now they have their own US-based website, which is good news because now you have a few choices of where you can order their items.  I typically visit Shopbop, Net-a-Porter and their own site ro check out the selection.  I would recommend looking at all of them because the selections vary and there are exclusives to each site.  This wrap skirt has been haunting me.

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